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Interesting Redheads Facts:

* We're a minority at 5 per cent of the population. 

* Our ancestral roots are often Celtic, meaning we've been oppressed and reviled for centuries on end, by the Romans, then the English, and then by those who tan easily. 

*Ancient superstition dictates that if the shadow of a redhead falls upon you, it will bring bad luck. Not as much bad luck as when a piano falls on you.

* Cornish folk were convinced that red-haired people could never make decent butter, and the Irish thought that orange-topped baby girls were so born because a pig had found its way under the bed. Well, that makes sense. 

* Ancient Egyptians paid homage to the god Osiris by burying red-haired men alive. Sure, Osiris was impressed, but the whole thing just reeks of discrimination.

* A British study in 1996 found that redheads were having more fun than blondes. Hell yes. This site proves it!

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